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For Hire: 9 Oddly Different Jobs That Pay Extremely Good

A routine job can become quite boring not to mention the fact that if it runs from 9 to 5 take up to enough energy with very little pay, quite sad to think about your overtimes with no extra pays.

If you are planning on a career change you might wanna consider what is on the list below, view here to learn more about the 9 different jobs that pays extremely well.

Models come in many different colors, sizes, and even parts, if you are too shy for the camera you can still be a model, either its for a hand cream or new shoes, companies hire body part models to fit the job and it pays $1,000 a day.

There is money even in death, this goes for those embalmers that gets payed around the estimated median of $40,000 a year, preparing the deceased for funerals or burials.

Ever wonder why race horses run so fast, well they actually have a trainer that specializes in horse exercising, these horse exercisers are responsible for making sure that the horses are all warmed up before the race not to mention the fact it makes about $28,000 per year.

A cruise ship entertainer ends up with $1,000-$4,000 a month just by singing or dancing, another perk to this job is that you can get to travel wherever the ship takes you.

Bounty hunters are real and cool, it is a job for those people who love the thrill of excitement and adventure, in which they are hired by bounds men to capture fugitives who did not show up to their hearings and it pays around $80,000 each year.

This is the highest paying job on the list making $150,000 a year, extraction technicians are those professionals in charge in operating machines and equipment that extract cannabis for marijuana dispensaries.

Making a steady figure of $70,000 and more not to mention having insured taste buds, food scientists or food tasters are the most fun jobs in this list.

If you happen to be a foodie that loves arranging food and styling them for the your aesthetic instagram then being a food stylist can be a good job for your, your works would be featured in magazines, catalogs, websites, and many more, you can make around $450-$850 a day.

Making $89,000 a year, certified ethical hackers are hired by companies to try to hack into their systems so that the company can make sure if their security is safe and secured.

Bottom line is these figures cannot be achieved without hard work so before entering any of these job you have to read more and learn about the field you are interested in.

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