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Punk is in

Are you trying to deviate from your normal style? Do branded clothes from the mall drive you nuts? Are you feeling rebellious? If you hollered yes, then quit having second thoughts and commit to being punk all the way! There are certain people labeling punks as troublemakers and rebellious to the core, however that is not always the case. Punks do not really care whether or not people will talk about them. What matters most for them is how they stand by their beliefs. If you want to discover more and learn how punks dress, then just read more below.

If you look at all the punks in the world, the most common thing in their wardrobe and fashion sense is a band shirt. Keep in mind that not every band shirt out there are punk rock material. Justin Bieber and the like does not really scream punk at all. What you need to do is to do some background research on some of the best punk rock bands in the music industry. Your band shirts must be based from these punk rock bands. Avoid being a punk poser so make you like the band.

To match well with those band shirts, make sure that you have a good pair of skinny jeans. These kind of jeans are quite flexible for guys and gals. Baggy cargo pants are also a must-have especially if you like to stuff your things in pockets.

This is also one of the highlights in punk fashion: studded pieces. These can be often seen on belts, jackets, and bags. Studded pieces whether glamorous or average looking complete the over-all look. Don’t hesitate to grab some studded items the next time you visit your department store.

Winter days mean going for an edgier look which means leather jackets are the bomb! It also functions as a good heater during the cold days aside from the fact that you would definitely pass off as a true-blooded punk. Leather jackets with studs also take the punk game to a higher level.

Layering is also evident in most punks. It is easy to notice that through their multiple bracelets, tights under skirts, and many studded belts. However, you can also layer with your clothes. One example is a denim vest over your band shirt. These denim vests must be in a slightly tattered condition though so that it has some edge to it. If you don’t have the budget, you can reuse an old denim jacket by cutting the sleeves off.

For the gals out there, skirts are still necessary in your wardrobe. A good twist to that is to wear fishnet stockings or tights underneath. This will balance all the edgy stuff by incorporate a little feminine twist.

It is important to know that your fashion sense is totally unlimited. All you need to have is a whole lot of imagination.

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